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I Call on You Sis... Birth of a Movement

Updated: May 22, 2019

Woman to woman, sister to sister, we call on each other to share our triumphs, struggles, dreams for ourselves, our spouses, or our children, our aspirations, encouragement, our hopes and fears. Most of all prayers for each other. Together there is nothing we cannot go through.

We rely on the older women, on whose shoulders we stand drawing wisdom from them. On the circle of women in whose circle we stand, fingers intertwined sharing strength. On the young women coming behind us, looking up to us.

I Call on You Sis, is a reminder of how these relationships are so important, in days of uncertainty, depression, and suicide; I hope Sis, you find the courage to reach out and when you are called upon, I hope too Sis, that you fan flames and not blow them out. That you build and not tear down, a life could be hanging to your every word.

Let's hold each other's fragile hearts safely in the palms of our hands.

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