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Period. End of a Sentence: The African Perspective

Updated: May 22, 2019

Periods are not only taboo in India. All over the world, women's health, and girls in particular, are discouraged from talking about their period.

In 2019, girls are pushing forward, breaking barriers and being torch bearers. They are pushing forward, yet a lot of work still has to be done. We are linked globally at the touch of a button, yet girls in other parts of the world are struggling to manage their period and the mystery of puberty still remains that- a mystery!

Vasikana Project Team in Zimbabwe Distributes Monthly Sanitary Pads.

I believe that development lags behind because we have been silent about it. It's a taboo topic and incident, yet it is experienced every month.

My wish for girls is that they are empowered through puberty education, that they know whatever changes happening to their bodies is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

For girls around me here in the US, my wish is that they realize that they are enough. In these days of social media, that they understand what they see on media can be exaggerated and that most of it is unreal.

Girls can get depressed comparing themselves with stuff they see on media which is unreal. Learning to accept who they are, being confident with who they are is important. We are living in a drug epidemic period and that can stem from depression. Our girls need to know that they are ENOUGH!

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