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Empowering Girls Through Puberty Education.

All Proceeds Benefit Vasikana Project for Printing and Distribution of this Puberty Handbook for Girls in zimbabwe

All Proceeds Benefit Vasikana Project for Printing and Distribution of the Menstrupedia 


To all who purchased I Call on You Sis, your purchase has moved us closer to our goal. We raised enough money to publish this educational comic. Now, we are raising money to print and distribute the educational comic to every 9-year-old girl in Zimbabwe!

BEST PART? The comic is in Shona, making it easily understood by most girls in Zimbabwe.

Don't stop. Donate or buy the digital version today!

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Send us questions that your children or grandchildren may be having regarding periods and puberty. Each week we will select two questions to address (you can choose to remain anonymous). Just put your question in the form below, or Email us or send a message via Facebook. Let us know those embarrassing awkward questions you have to navigate and we'll get through this together!


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At the onset of their first period, girls are inundated with bad advice. We are determined to stop this advice from spreading by sharing stories of bad advice. What bad advice were you told? Share it with us. Become a #Mythbuster so another girl never has to believe the myths about her period.

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Vasikana Project is a non-profit organization empowering girls by providing puberty education and safe, dignified ways for young girls to manage their periods.

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