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Vasikana Project is a non-profit organization empowering girls by providing puberty education and safe, dignified ways for young girls to manage their periods.


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Empowering Girls Through Puberty Education.

All Proceeds Benefit Vasikana Project for Creation and Distribution of a Puberty Handbook for Girls.


At the onset of their first period, girls are inundated with bad advice. We are determined to stop this advice from spreading by sharing stories of bad advice. What bad advice were you told? Share it with us. Become a #Mythbuster so another girl never has to believe the myths about her period.

Excerpts from I Call on You Sis

I Call on You Sis... when I'm alone because the walls in my home are closing in on me. Simply be there, not to fix anything, just to be reminded that I'm not alone.

Our minds are complex. 
Sometimes we hold ourselves prisoners, unable to break from toxic inner monologues. A change in perspective might hold the key to your freedom. Think about the wildest possible, but positive outcome to this situation. Write it down. How can you make it possible for you?

Praise for I Call on You Sis

What a beautiful journal. I just want to hug it and go to bed.

I love the big print. It makes it easy to read for some of us with bad eyes.

The Journal really resonated with me. I want to cry. I feel inspired. I don't know how I feel, but whatever it is, there's something that has struck a cord in me.

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