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Vasikana Project is a non-profit organization empowering girls by providing puberty education and safe, dignified ways for young girls to manage their periods.


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I Call on You Sis...

Join the Sisterhood Helping Girls.

A Journal to remind us of how powerful our relationships are as women in renewing our strengths. In a world filled with so much loneliness, depression, suicide and jealousies, it is important to be mindful of our response when called upon.

I CALL ON YOU SIS... is a call to you, to empower not only yourself and your Circle of Sisters, but to help underprivileged girls in Zimbabwe better manage their lives through the provision of puberty education, and here is how:

When you purchase the Journal, for yourself, or your Circle of Friends, or whomever you'd like to bless with an empowerment Journal, the proceeds go directly to the publication and distribution of a Puberty Education Handbook for Girls. 

The booklet explores all issues related to the onset of menstruation - emotional, physical, medical, economic and is designed with a template to create reusable sanitary pads so no girl ever has to miss school because of her period! 


 Be mindful of which flame to fan. Think of a time someone called you angry and mad. How did you react?

Write about the feeling you are having now.

Explore the roots of the anger and write about them.


"Have you noticed how energy feeds from one person to the next? Positivity can be infectious. Write about a person you know who always has positive spirits. What do you admire about them? How do you feel when you are around them? How can you tap into that energy?"

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