Our Team In Zimbabwe

We have a phenomenal team. In a country where visitors eat before they visit so as not to burden those they visit with providing a meal, this team has delivered time and again. When called upon to visit a school, provide school fees or clothing to a desperate student, they have taken the clothes off their backs and provided. They are the silent heroes of Vasikana Project, and we are deeply grateful for their unselfish devotion and love.

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Naledi M. Katsende, Vasikana Project Health Educator

Naledi is a public health professional with over four years of experience in health education and promotion. Naledi was born and raised in Zimbabwe. In her experience, Naledi has supported health promotion projects in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. In 2018, Naledi worked in capacity building activities which equipped the LGBTI community and Sex Workers with advocacy skills aimed at removing barriers to accessing HIV prevention and treatment services in 8 Southern African countries.  In 2019, Naledi worked in HIV prevention capacity building, research, health promotion activities for adolescent girls and young women in Zimbabwe. Through her work in the Southern African region, Naledi  has won two small grants to implement projects in which she interfaced with policy makers and government officials as she sought to influence them to develop healthy SRHR policies for adolescents in Zimbabwe. At global level, Naledi has been actively involved in technical assistance for the Women Deliver Young Leaders program as Digital University Facilitator and Alumni Committee member from the year 2020.


Naledi has a special interest in health equity for vulnerable populations, especially sexual , reproductive health in adolescent girls and young women. As an advocate, Naledi is studying a Masters’ degree in Public Health which enables her to represent vulnerable groups. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education and Promotion from the University of Zimbabwe.



Many thanks to Chido Mereki, Mary Nhurudza and Eneresi Chitova for thier steadfast support and for moving the Project forward.