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When Girls Get the Right Talk About their Changing Bodies. Body Positivity Happens.

I officially started my period a few days before my 12th birthday.

I recall having a panic attack because I felt that I wasn’t ready to become a woman.

I told my mom that my friends were starting to have their periods a month or so prior and she took that as her opportunity to educate me.

She had a special Always kit with pads and tampons and a little booklet about periods set aside for this moment.

She showed me how to use pads and tampons but advised me to only use pads at the time. She then assured me that it was okay that I was growing up because every girl has to go through it and I wasn’t alone.

I was so thankful that my mom was there to have that discussion with me.

From that moment going forward I was comfortable with the changes that my body was experiencing and learned through trial and error what worked best for my body.


Submitted By Ruvimbo Michelle Nyemba

Founder - Assured Girls

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